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Vinyl plotter, Graphtec 3000-60 plus over £500 of vinyl plus more

Price £1199 ono

I've been running a little wall sticker ebay business for a few years and it can be very rewarding but i have no time to carry on. So I have the below for sale to anyone who wants to make a little extra money.

Vinyl plotter - Graphtec 3000-60

The plotter is a quality timeless plotter. It is not a cheap chinese plotter. It can cut up to 600mm wide and recommended 1000mm long.

Application Tape & tubes included

I also have about 60m of application tape and about 40 tubes included in the price. Perfect for producing wall stickers which I sold on ebay

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Avery matt vinyl

i have over 20 different colours of matt vinyl worth over £500 inlcuded

The Vinyl Corporation recommends this very versatile sign making vinyl, with 50 vibrant colours on a 75 micron signmaking vinyl giving a 5 year life and also giving the signmaker peace of mind with a B1/M1 fire rating.

Ideal for WALL ART, exhibition graphics and In Store P.O.S graphics

used besoke applicator & cutting mat

Large cutting mat with a few paint marks and a bespoke application tape applicator that I had made to fit on the end of any table. I used my dinning table.

Facebook account

I have a facebook business page with over 1000 likes also included


I also have loads of artwork which are in a Adobe illustrator format, they can be converted for any software. I'm willing to let this go if a good price is offered.

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here are some faqs on wall stickers

Q: What are wall sticker/decals?

Wall decals are graphics made from 3mm (really thin) colored vinyl. Think "contact paper," but better because the vinyl is thinner, especially made for indoor use and has a matt finish (not shiny). This properties result in a finished look that makes the graphic look like it was painted on your wall by an artist. The best thing about wall decals made from our vinyl is that it is completely removable for up to 5 years and is made with a unique adhesive that won't remove paint or leave any residue upon removal. Why should your blank walls stay bare when wall decals are a great, low-cost way to transform any room in less than 30 minutes or without the mess or drying time of paint?

Q: Will they stick to my walls?

A good test of this, is use a piece of masking tap on the surface and leave it over night, if you come back in the morning and it has peeled off, then the stickers might too! Smooth surfaces are always best, as it allows the vinyl to have a flat hold on the surface, where as, if a wall is highly textured, it is very likely to come way!

Q: How do they work?

We ship you your graphic ready to apply. All you do is take it out of the package tube. Unroll it. Rub it with flat hard surface like a credit card or coaster to push any air out. Flip it over. Peel and stick onto your wall. You can download our easy to follow application instructions which will have you applying like an old pro in time. Most applications take between 5-30 minutes and most are designed to be installed by one person, if the size is a large Wall Sticker two people may be required.

Q: How easy is it to install stickers myself?

We do as much as we can to make our products user friendly, however particularly our larger products, may be harder to install. Every one of our products is delivered with a detailed instruction pack to help you get your walls looking fabulous as painlessly as possible. NB. Wall Stickers UK is not responsible for any damage you cause to your stickers during installation.

Q: Are wall stickers re-positionable?

Unless otherwise stated our wall stickers are not repositionable and are only suitable for one time application.

Q: How are the wall stickers packaged?

Our wall stickers are sent from our studio rolled up and securely wrapped within reinforced postal tubes or boxes to avoid damage during delivery. Please note that our postal tubes and boxes are not able to fit through a letterbox and will need someone to be home to receive your order.

Q: Can I clean my wall stickers?

Our wall stickers can be wiped clean using a baby wipe or lightly damp cloth. However we do not recommend aggressive rubbing or the use of cleaning chemicals, as this may cause damage.

Q: What surfaces can I put them on?

One of the most common applications for wall decals is on painted walls. We recommend that you allow freshly painted walls or surfaces to properly cure (dry) for at least 6 weeks before applying decals. While it may seem like an excessive amount of time, painted surfaces need at least 6 weeks to dry at a microscopic level to form a proper bond with the decal. Other than that, you will want to ensure that the surface is smooth clean and dust-free by wiping with a clean cloth before application. In addition to wall surfaces, you can apply decals to any dry, non-pourous, smooth surface such as wood, metal, refrigerator doors, plastic, and glass. Where can I put them?

  • nursery
  • office
  • classroom
  • play room
  • bedroom
  • kitchen
  • dining room
  • living room
  • great room
  • college dorms
  • apartments
Q: What is Vinyl?

Vinyl Specifications: All Vinyl Impression wall decals/stickers are precision cut from our high grade low-tac removable self adhesive vinyl in the colour of your choice. Supplied with detailed fitting instructions and pre-applied application tape to ensure transfer is made in no time, correctly and with ease.

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